We strive for excellence and have been training licensed healthcare professionals since 2002 in the theory and clinical application of energy-based therapies


For more than 18 years, ABC Healthcare has been dedicated to providing comprehensive training to health care professionals in the principles and clinical application of energy-based therapies. Our courses have been designed to equip medical professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions on how to best care for their patients.

Over the past two decades, we have worked with a wide range of organizations and institutions to develop courses that meet the rigorous standards set by the health care industry. Our content-rich curriculum covers topics such as clinical application of advanced diagnostic imaging, principles of laser safety, and evidence-based clinical research. Our instructors are highly respected specialists in their respective fields of knowledge, providing students with a comprehensive education on the latest topics and developments in energy-based therapies.

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified in our accreditation from the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. We strive to ensure that our training programs remain relevant and up-to-date with research in the field of energy-based therapies, helping our graduates stay ahead of the curve.

At ABC Healthcare, we understand the importance of quality healthcare for all members of society. That’s why our courses are designed to equip medical professionals with not just the technical skills needed to practice effectively but also the ethical frameworks surrounding energy-based therapies.

We firmly believe in providing high-quality training that is both comprehensive and relevant to real-world patient care. That’s why we continue to strive for excellence, providing our students with an unparalleled education in energy-based therapies since 2002.

Recently, we have been celebrating a major milestone—our 18th year as an organization dedicated to helping licensed healthcare professionals advance their skillsets in energy-based therapies.

Since 2002, our aim has remained the same—to help healthcare professionals understand and utilize energy-based treatments to offer the best care possible. We strive for excellence in quality training and our commitment to building a knowledgeable and qualified workforce is evident in the growing success of our students.

Over the last eighteen years, we have had the pleasure of providing comprehensive curriculums that cover the theory and hands-on clinical application of leading-edge treatments, such as low level laser therapy (LLLT), high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), and other innovative modalities. Our courses provide the perfect opportunity to learn up-to-date techniques, enhance existing skillsets, and increase therapeutic outcomes.

We have helped thousands of healthcare professionals advance their careers by teaching a wide range of advanced topics, including anatomy and physiology, biophysics principles, instrumentation, indications and contraindications, and clinical applications. Many of our students have gone on to use this knowledge in their everyday practice, offering excellence in energy-based treatments for improving patient care.

It is with great pride that we continue to strive for excellence in our training work, ensuring that the licensed healthcare professionals of today are equipped with the skills necessary to efficiently use energy-based therapies to benefit those under their care.