Urology / Prostate

Laser and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies have been shown to reduce inflammation and alleviate signs and symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy, and benefits have been documented in many other urological conditions as well.

Case Study – Prostatitis

“John S” was a 76 year old male who came because of an infection and enlargement of the prostate and to address erectile dysfunction. His PSA was 4.1. He was treated for 12 weeks in office with laser therapy, acupuncture and herbs and also with daily pulsed electromagnetic field therapy at home. After 12 weeks PSA was less than 1, and prostate was normal on digital exam. Blood testing indicated a complete absence of infection.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is characterized by the formation of localized, fibrous plaques under the skin of the penis. These plaques develop in the tunica albuginea, a normally flexible sheath of connective tissue which allows the penis to expand relatively evenly during an erection. They may be completely unnoticeable when the penis is flaccid. However, on erection, the inelasticity of the plaque may pull the penis at an angle, causing sexual dysfunction and pain. Laser therapy applied topically to the plaques may soften and help to restore normal tissue tone and function.

Case Sudy – Peyronie’s Disease

“Bruce B”, a 59 year old male who had been diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease for two years, was seen for 10 visits. After his second visit he noted that his morning erection was more comfortable. After his fifth visit he stated that sexual intercourse felt better, and he thought that the curvature of his penis had lessened. He continued to self -treat with laser therapy and at six months follow-up estimated that his condition had improved 80%.

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