The NEW 3B LASER is a 7th generation, multiple channel laser system refined through the experience gained in developing its predecessors. 

3B Laser Touch-Controller

One major innovation is the wireless base unit which can be easily and intuitively controlled to adjust output power, pulse rate and other parameters, increasing the system's flexibility and allowing for greater patient awareness and participation in the treatment process.

The controller and laser delivery module are designed for portability, space considerations and ease of set-up.  3B LASER can be operated securely on a mobile cart or table or on a wall with the optional wall mount.  The system can be quickly detached, moved and re-installed in a new location.


  • 3B LASER unit with 12 replaceable optical fibers and radio interface.
  • Controller is wireless and portable.  Touch-screen to select from a range of presets and / or adjust power, pulse rate and dosage and store individualized programs in memory.  Powered by five rechargeable NiMH batteries with integrated energy replenishment circuitry. Light weight. 
  • 3B LASER is available with either 12 X 660 nm Red laser diodes or 12 x 785nm laser diodes.
  • Continuous wave output power: 50 mW / channel.
  • Pulse Modulation:  Nogier, Bahr, Reininger and Alpha frequencies presets and programmable, 1 – 10,000 Hz. 
  • Table / cart mount with swivel arm to enable you to position the laser delivery module precisely.
  • Broad therapy spectrum
  • Painless, safe, non-invasive.
  • High patient acceptance.
  • Low capital expenditure. 

A table mount with a swivel arm is included with your 3B LASER to allow you to attach they system securely to a mobile cart or other level surface and to enable you position the delivery module precisely.  Install the optional wall mount in a small treatment room for efficient use of space.    The system is designed for rapid set up and break down and to adapt to almost any clinical setting.


Place lasers to accurately target therapy at the source of pain.  With the 3B LASER you can administer up to 12 channels of laser therapy stimulation with its documented benefits to alleviate pain, heal tissue trauma and modulate cellular function with precision.  Treat pain in arthritis and soft tissue injuries of the back, knee, neck, elbow, shoulder, fractures, headache / migraine, acute sports medicine and many other conditions safely, non-invasively and painlessly with laser therapy's proven benefits.                 


Painless, non-invasive laser delivery can be accurately targeted to treat proximal and distal acupuncture points on the body, head and ear. Laser stimulation may be given in lieu of metal needles or in combined treatment with traditional acupuncture.   Local and systemic laser biostimulation are added benefits of laser needle therapy.

DERMATOLOGY / AESTHETICS                                                            

Apply laser point therapy and / or use the dermatology spot for broad area treatment in acne,  alopecia, dermatitis, eczema, facial rejuvenation, herpes, neurodermatoses, psoriasis and more.                                                                                       


Pain free, non-invasive with benefits widely documented in a broad range of pediatric conditions are some of the advantages which may explain laser therapy's popularity and easy acceptance by children and their parents.   Infants and children may respond very quickly to laser point therapy in allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colic and other digestive concerns, enuresis, skin rashes and more.

3B Scientific cover shotComplete 3B LASER System – $10,200.00

Available standard with your choice of:

  • 12 x 660nm Red lasers or
  • 12 x 785nm Infrared lasers.


All 3B LASER systems include a swivel arm for mounting the delivery module on a mobile cart or table.  The optional a wall mount is ideal for small treatment rooms.  

3b LASER in case3B LASER System is delivered in an elegant metal carrying case with:

12 Laser Diodes, 12 Replaceable Optical Fibers, Radio Controller, Cart / Table Mount with Swivel Arm, 1 pair of Patient Goggles (Item 1004888), 1 pair of Laser Safety Glasses (Item W14203), Power Supply, 1 box of Applicators (Item W14229) and the Owner's Manual.

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