Light Emitting Diode Systems (LEDs)

WARP 10 – NEW LOW PRICE – $799 with charger, batteries and case

Quantum Devices invented the high intensity, lighting systems NASA uses to grow plants in space and is a world leader in precision, light emitting diode (LED) systems for clinical and home applications.  The company’s WARP 10s are issued by the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Navy to soldiers in the field as noninvasive, self-care devices which are cleared “for the treatment of chronic pain by emitting energy in the Near-IR spectrum for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm; relieving stiffness; promoting relaxation of muscle tissue; to temporarily increase blood circulation where applied.”

Quantum Device’s philosophy is to continually strive to improve product quality and reliability. Healing Light Seminars is proud to offer Quantum Devices WARP 10 and WARP 75 LED arrays which are FDA cleared for pain relief.  We believe these are the best light emitting diode systems available anywhere.

The WARP 10® is a high intensity, hand-held, portable, LED (light emitting diode) unit, which treats an area of 10 cm2 and is intended for the treatment of chronic pain. Click here to read more… The WARP 75® is based on the same technology but has 7.5 times (75cm2) the actual coverage area as the WARP 10 (10cm2). It is air (fan) cooled and can mount on an articulated arm. Click here to read more…

Some of the most dedicated researchers in phototherapy are associated with Quantum Devices. The company is deeply committed not only to technical excellence but to exploring and understanding the biological effects of light and its therapeutic application. To learn more, visit:

To learn more, visit:
NASA Technology
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Light Emitting Diode Systems (LEDs) Products & Accessories

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  • WARP 10WARP 10

    Quantum Devices WARP 10 is a high intensity, hand-held, portable, LED device originally developed under contract to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to assist armed forces personnel on the front lines. High intensity 50 mW/cm2 illuminated surface produces 4 Joules/cm2 dose per 88 second cycle. 500 mW total output power is distributed a […]

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  • WARP 10 Belt CaseWARP 10 Carrying Case w/ Shoulder Strap

    This case is made of heavy duty canvas and sized to fit the WARP 10 snugly with a belt clip to hold the system in place for treatment in the field.

    Order WARP 10 belt case WARP 10 Belt Case @ $50.00
  • WARP 10 Carrying CaseWARP 10 Carrying Case

    This case is made out of heavy duty canvas. There is a plastic belt clip, and the case is just the right size to hold the WARP 10 snuggly in place.

    Order WARP 10 Carrying Case WARP 10 Carrying Case @ $50.00
  • WARP 10 with Powerex Recharger KitMAHA Recharger

    The Powerex Recharger and 8-AA NiMH Rechargeable batteries has been rated the #1 recharger on the market today. You can charge your batteries in 100 minutes – or you can charge them with a soft charge over 4 hours to extend battery life. If some of your batteries are not holding a charge properly, you […]

    Order Powerex Recharger for WARP 10 WARP 10 with Powerex Recharger Kit @ $799.00
  • WARP 10 WrapWARP 10 Wrap

    The wrap is made out of neoprene and is designed to hold the WARP 10 to assist in treatment of hard to reach areas. There is an extension band included for extra large bodies.

    Order WARP 10 Wrap WARP 10 Wrap @ $40.00
  • WARP 75WARP 75

    4,500 mW total output power is distributed over 75 cm2 (7.5 x the area of the WARP 10). High intensity 50 mW/cm2 illuminated surface produces a 4 Joules/cm2 dose every 88 seconds. Certified wavelength 670 nm) and AC power Air (fan) cooled – remains cool to the touch. Easy, one hand operation, electronic timing circuit […]

    Order WARP 75 WARP 75 @ $4,750.00