Luminex Card Reader System

The Luminex® Card Reader System is designed to permit realistic sham treatments and double-blinding for those performing laser therapy research.  The system operates by swiping a specially coded card through the card reader. If a “sham” card is swiped,  no laser light will be emitted though emission indicators will be lit and the laser probe will produce an audible tone just as if the system operating normally.  When a “real” card is used, the system operates identically, but laser light is emitted. In both cases, the system is configured so that the patient is unaware of whether or not a “real” or “sham” laser treatment is being administered.

Blinding of the clinical investigator is also achieved by using coded cards that differentiate “real” from “sham”. The clinical study is double-blinded when only trial administrators know whether an individual card is “real” or “sham”.