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Base Unit Power Settings: 500 mW, 250 mW, 100 mW Probes: Gallium-Aluminum Arsenide infrared, 867 nm, and red. 670 nm, with a minimum output power of 500 mW as measured at the lens.

Probe spot size: 1.04 cm2.

Probe dimensions: 1.25″ Diameter x 7″ long.

Power Meter: Accuracy within 2%. Allows one to check the probe’s power output before beginning treatment.

Dosimetry: An audible tone signifies each Joule of energy output, allowing easy and accurate measurement of the dosage delivered.

Pulsing Mode: Users can choose from preset, extremely low frequencies – 2, 5, 8, 10, 20 Hz and Nogier frequencies – 73, 146, 292, 584, 1168, 2336, 4672, 9344 Hz.

Pulse Width: When operated in pulsed mode, the beam is interrupted for 2 µsec. At the continuous wave setting, there is no pulse interruption.

Laser Class: BRH Class IIIb.

Power Supply: Wall mounted unit. Input: 120VAC @60Hz, 1.3A; Ouput:12VDC, 0.325A.

Lithium Ion Batteries: Are used to power the portable version, permitting the therapist to move from place to place without having an electrical outlet available. The batteries last approximately 10 – 12 hours of use prior to needing recharge. The recharge takes place in approximately 8 hours.

Two pair of safety goggles are provided: Blocking 99% of laser light between 904 and 670nm.

Warranty: 1 year.

FDA Clearance: Class II device.

Luminux Package Options
Product Options
1Complete Luminex 867 nm System, Fine Probe tip, Carry case$5,599.00
2Complete Luminex 867 and 670 System, Probe tip, Carry Case$7,399.00
3Complete Luminex 867 nm System with Card Reader$6,149.00
4670 nm Luminex Probe with Case$1,800.00
5867 nm Luminex Probe with Case$1,650.00
Shipping Rate: C
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