*IRRADIA MID-Laser System Packages

MID-Laser Controller Specifications

Size: 30 X 20 X 7.5 cm
Weight: 2.7 kg
Electrical requirements: 115 V or 230 V 50-60 Hz AC
Power consumption: Typically 10 W, Maximum 40 W
Environment: 0 – 50°C

Control panel: LCD-Display, microprocessor- controlled functions, sturdy metal buttons.
Control functions: Dose meter, treatment timer, internal power meter, tissue depth treatment setting, and more.

Standard 2-Year Limited Warranty: Product is warranted against failure due to manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years (24 months) from delivery date.  Shipping is at customer’s expense.

Quality: The Irradia MID laser system complies with the international ISO 134485 quality standards, is CE certified, and FDA cleared.”

Package Options

IRRADIA MID-Laser Gold Express: Call for Price

IRRADIA MID-Laser Silver Express: Call for Price

IRRADIA MID-Laser Silver: Call for Price

IRRADIA MID-Laser Bronze Call for Price

IRRADIA MID Laser Starter Express: Call for Price

IRRADIA MID-Laser Starter: Call for Price

Accessories included with each MID-Laser system
Power supply with cables, Interlock connector, Extra key, Extra fuse, 1pr laser safety eyewear, Installation and user manual, Treatment guide, The Laser Therapy Handbook, Laser protection cover, Laser probe holder, Cable (Replaceable, Straight, 2.9 m), Standard 3-yr limited warranty

Product: MID-Laser by Irradia

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MID-Laser System Packages
Product Options
1IRRADIA MID-Laser Gold Express - Call for Price
2IRRADIA MID-Laser Silver Express - Call for Price
3IRRADIA MID-Laser Silver - Call for Price
4IRRADIA MID-Laser Bronze - Call for Price
5IRRADIA MID-Laser Starter Express - Call for Price
6IRRADIA MID-Laser Starter - Call for Price
Shipping Rate: D