Irradia MID-Laser

Irradia MID-Laser is a high performance, user-friendly laser therapy system which can operate two probes of the same type simultaneously.   In combination with one or two of Irradia's superpulsed, GaAs 904 nm multiprobes, MID-Laser has been shown to deliver rapid results in pain.  

  • Quick & easy start up.
  • Microprocessor calculates dose.
  • Audible tone indicates the treated spot has received the dose that you set.
  • Display updates the total dose given per diode and treatment time.
  • MID-Laser is a two channel system and will operate two of the same probes simultaneously.

Irradia has an excellent reputation.  Founded in Sweden in 1977, it is one of the world’s most experienced and respected laser manufacturers. Lars Hode, Ph.D, renowned laser expert, physicist and co-author with Jan Tunér of The New Laser Therapy Handbook and Laser Therapy, Clinical Practice and Scientific Background, has been instrumental in Irradia product development.   

We have personally been using Irradia MID-Laser in the clinic for over eight years, often all day and with every patient with dependable performance and outstanding results.  Replacing a single cable has been the only equipment issue experienced over the entire period .  This is one reason we can recommend Irradia products so highly.   Another is because is because they are designed and built for performance,

Irradia’s superpulsed, 904 nm, GaAs multiprobes are the company's signature products and may significantly shorten treatment times.  If you are treating pain, consider Irradia's Super-pulsed, GaAs Multiprobes.

Accessories included with each MID-Laser system
Power supply with cables, Interlock connector, Extra key, Extra fuse, 1pr laser safety eyewear, Installation and user manual, Treatment guide, Laser protection cover, Laser probe holder, Cable (Replaceable, Straight, 2.9 m), Standard 2-yr limited warranty

Optional accessories

Acupuncture Tip: Fits 808nm/450 mW  & 808nm/900 mW probes.

Long Curved Light Guide: Fits all single-diode probes for aural and intra-cavity use

To arrange financing for a laser therapy system, we recommend Insurlease.

Irradia MID-Laser Products & Accessories 

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  • *IRRADIA MID-Laser System PackagesIrradia Base Unit

    MID-Laser Controller Specifications Size: 30 X 20 X 7.5 cm Weight: 2.7 kg Electrical requirements: 115 V or 230 V 50-60 Hz AC Power consumption: Typically 10 W, Maximum 40 W Environment: 0 – 50°C Control panel: LCD-Display, microprocessor- controlled functions, sturdy metal buttons. Control functions: Dose meter, treatment timer, internal power meter, tissue depth […]

  • 904 Super-pulsed GaAs Laser ProbesIrradia 904x4 probe & neck

    Wavelength: 904 nm Laser Type: Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) Peak Output Power:  20 Watts x 4 = 80 Watts total Peak Power. Average Output Power: 60 milliWatts x 4 = 240 mW total Average Power. Pulse Rate: 25-5000 Hz. Frequency Modulation: Output power is constant at all pulse rates The four laser diodes in this multiprobe are […]

  • GaAlAs Laser ProbesIrradia MID-Laser GaA1As Probes

    808 nm GaAlAs 900 mW and 450 mW Single Probes. Irradia 808 nm GaAlAs Single Probes are available with output powers of 900 mW and 450 mW and have a broad range of therapeutic applications. 808 nm GaAlAs 200 mW, Single Probe with collimator tip. This version of the 808 nm GaAlAs single probe is […]

  • InGaAlP Laser ProbeIrradia Singleprobe

    Wavelength: 650 nm Laser Type: InGaAlP Average Output Power: 35 mW Description: Single probe. Continuous Wave. Call for Price Accessory for MID-Laser by Irradia By ordering an IRRADIA Laser System or Product, I acknowledge that I have read and fully accept the IRRADIA Terms & Conditions, Order Form, and I agree to fill out and fax […]

  • KTP Laser ProbeIrradia Singleprobe

    Wavelength: 532 nm Laser Type: KTP Description: Singleprobe. Continuous Wave (CW) Average Output Power: 50 mW Call for Price Accessory for MID-Laser by Irradia By ordering an IRRADIA Laser System or Product, I acknowledge that I have read and fully accept the IRRADIA Terms & Conditions, Order Form, and I agree to fill out and fax […]

  • Optional AccessoriesProfessional System

    Included with Base Unit Power supply with cables Interlock connector Extra key Extra fuse 1pr laser safety eyewear Installation and user manual Treatment guide The Laser Therapy Handbook Laser protection cover Laser probe holder Cable, Replaceable, Straight, 2.9 m Standard 3-yr limited warranty Additional accessories Acupuncture Tip – Call for Price Long Curved Light Guide […]

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