3B LASER – 12 Channel Laser Needle System

3B Scientific cover shot

Mount your NEW 3B LASER system securely on a mobile cart or table, and position the delivery module perpendicularly and slightly below your eye level.  With the new extenders (not shown here), spacing between optical fibers IS much wider, and the optical fibers are easy to manage.

3b LASER in case3B LASER System is delivered in an elegant metal carrying case with your choice of either: 

  • 12 X 785nm Infrared Laser diodes with Replaceable Optical Fiibers OR
  • 12 x 660nm, Red Laser Diodes with Replaceable Optical Fiibers. 
  •  Wireless Radio Controller
  • Table / Cart Mount with Swivel Arm
  • 1 pair of Patient Goggles (Item 1004888)
  • 1 pair of Laser Safety Glasses (Item W14203)
  • Power Supply
  • 1 box of Applicators (Item W14229) 
  • Owner’s Manual

Complete 3B LASER Systems
Product Options
13B LASER with 12 x785nm Infrared $10,488.00
2FL Residents - 3B LASER with 12 x785nm Infrared + $629 (FL Sales Tax) + any County Surtax if applicable$11,117.00
33B LASER 12 x660nm Red$10,488.00
4FL Residents - 3B LASER with 12 x660nm Red + $629 (FL Sales Tax) + any County Surtax, if applicable.$11,117.00
Shipping Rate: C
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