3B LASER Needle System

German engineered 3B LASER is designed for noninvasive, precise biostimulation of up to 12 points with laser therapy’s healing properties to regenerate tissue, promote cellular function and alleviate pain.  

Technical Details

  • 3B LASER unit with 12 replaceable optical fibers and radio interface.
  • Controller is wireless and portable.   Powered by five rechargeable NiMH batteries with integrated energy replenishment circuitry. Light weight.  Select presets and / or adjust power, pulse rate, dosage and treatment time or create and store your own programs
  • Wavelength: Available with 12 x 785 nm Infrared or 12 x 660 nm Red laser diodes
  • Continuous Wave (CW) output power: 50 mW / Channel. 
  • Pulsed output power: 25 mW / Channel at all pulse settings.
  • Pulse Modulation: Nogier, Bahr, Reininger and Alpha frequencies, presets and programmable, 1 – 10,000 Hz.
  • Dosage: 3 Joules / Minute / Channel continuous wave and 1.5 Joules / Minute / Channel at all pulse settings.
  • Broad therapy spectrum
  • Painless, safe, non-invasive.
  • High patient acceptance.
  • Low capital expenditure.


3B LASER may effectively address soft tissue and joint pain quickly as an unattended, time saving therapy.  One can deliver therapeutic dosages of 15 Joules / Point in just 5 minutes or 30 Joules / Point in 10 minutes with continuous wave.   At any pulse setting, the average power will be reduced by half, so it will take 10 and 20 minutes respectively to deliver those same dosages. 

The system is affordable.  We are unaware of anything available which is comparable at more than twice the price.  The one serious objection we had to the original design was that the optical fibers were placed too closely together.  The manufacturer has overcome this by adding extensions.to increase the space between the optical fibers as illustrated below.

3B LASER Extenders and Backplate 3B LASER with new backplate and extenders
  Original Arrangement                      Addition of Extenders              Wider fiber spacing

3B LASER has always been well received by patients.  The wider spacing of the optical fibers makes it a true pleasure for clinicians.   Positioning the swivel arm so that the laser delivery module is parallel to the ground and slightly below eye level makes managing the fiberoptics and laser needle laser placement fast and easy.  

3B LASER ControllerThe touch-screen controller is intuitive and user friendly.  You can access Nogier, Bahr, Reininger, Alpha frequencies and more and also create, store and recall your own programs easily.   The controller can be fully wireless if you so choose.  You can even hand it to your patient, if you like, though we prefer (and recommend) keeping the system connected to mains electricity as much as possible to conserve battery life.   

A table mount allows 3B LASER to operate securely on a mobile cart or table.   An optional wall mount is available which is intended for smaller rooms and where space is limited.  



If treating pain is a high a priority, we recommend the 12 x 785 nm Infrared laser option.   With depth of penetration of two to three centimeters, 785 nm can reach most tissue targets in joints and soft tissue injuries of the back, knee, neck, elbow, shoulder, fractures, headache / migraine, acute sports medicine and other conditions.   Five or 10 minutes on continuous wave or 10 or 20 minutes at the pulse rate you choose are likely to achieve positive results with appropriate laser needle placement and proper patient positioning.  

Laser CV channel YvonneACUPUNCTURE                                                                    

Accurately target points, securing painless, noninvasive laser needle applicators.  Laser stimulation may be given in lieu of metal needles or combined with traditional acupuncture.   Local and systemic laser biostimulation are the added benefits of laser needle therapy.  

Dermatology SpotDERMATOLOGY / AESTHETICS                                   

Apply laser point therapy and / or use the dermatology spot for broad area treatment in acne,  alopecia, dermatitis, eczema, facial rejuvenation, herpes, neurodermatoses, psoriasis and more.        

Bronchitis Astma 2PEDIATRICS                                                               

Pain free, non-invasive, safe, low intensity laser therapy with its widely-documented, healing benefits are some of the advantages to account for the easy acceptance of laser needle therapy by children and their parents.   Infants and children are likely to respond quickly to laser therapy and at low dosages in allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and for colic and other digestive concerns, enuresis, skin rashes and more.  


Building a highly functional, cost-effective and dependable 12 channel laser needle system, and making it available at this price is a major accomplishment!   An improvement that we would like to see in the future would be for the system to allow longer treatment times than the current 20 minutes maximum.    Yet this is relatively minor and easy to work around.  

New, lower pricing of the applicators in 2016  of $20 / box (vs $34) and increasing their number / box by 20% to 120, from 100 makes operating 3B-LASER even more cost-effective. The applicators are high quality, easy to change and allow for very precise laser needle placement.  If you were to use all 12 channels every time, the investment is just two dollars per patient.  

Healing Light Seminars will only recommend equipment we have found to be well built,  deliver good value and which we are are continuing to use in clinical practice.  We are using 3B LASER every day and with nearly every patient.  

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3b LASER in case3B LASER System is delivered in an elegant metal carrying case with:

12 Laser Diodes, 12 Replaceable Optical Fibers, Radio Controller, Cart / Table Mount with Swivel Arm, 1 pair of Patient Goggles (Item 1004888), 1 pair of Laser Safety Glasses (Item W14203), Power Supply, 1 box of Applicators (Item W14229) and the Owner’s Manual.

If you are considering a lease-to-buy program, we recommend Insurlease.

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 3B LASER Products & Accessories

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  • 3B LASER – 12 Channel Laser Needle System

    Mount your NEW 3B LASER system securely on a mobile cart or table, and position the delivery module perpendicularly and slightly below your eye level.  With the new extenders (not shown here), spacing between optical fibers IS much wider, and the optical fibers are easy to manage. 3B LASER System is delivered in an elegant metal carrying case with […]

    Order Complete 3B LASER Systems
  • Dermatology Spot

    Dermatology Spot for 3B LASER with Table Mount $685 The 3B Dermatology Spot is mounted on a highly flexible arm for administering area treatment. 3B LASER Dermatology Spot close ups Control the intensity and distribution of laser stimulation by the number of channels and placement of optical fibers.  The Dermatology Spot has been designed for area […]

    Order Order Dermatology Spot for 3B LASER Dermatology Spot (Item: W14224) @ $685.00
  • Disposable Applicators

    Disposable Applicators, white (package with 120 pcs) for 3B Laser $ 20.00 The disposable applicators for 3B LASER NEEDLE are made of high quality plastic. The acrylic adhesive is hypoallergenic and leaves no residue on the skin. [Item: W14229]

    Order Disposable Applicators, white (package with 120 pcs) Disposable Applicators (Item W14229) @ $20.00
  • Optical Fiber 660 nm, Red Light, White, 2.5m

    Optical Fiber 660 nm, Red Light, White, 2.5m

    Order Replacement Optical Fiber, 660 nm, Red Optical Fiber 660 nm, Red Light, White, 2.5m @ $165.00
  • Optical Fiber, 785 nm, Infrared, White, 2.5m

    Optical Fiber 785 nm, Infrared, White 2.5m 

    Order Replacement Optical Fiber, 785 nm, Infrared, White, 2.5m Optical Fiber 785 nm, Infrared, White 2.5m @ $195.00
  • Plexiglass Cart

    Plexiglass Cart for 3B LASER (60 wide x 40 deep by 90 high) $670 [Item: W14238]

    Order Plexiglass Cart for 3B LASER Plexiglass Cart (Item: W14238) @ $670.00
  • Protective Eyewear

    Four types of protective eyewear are available.   Laser Safety Goggles are intended primarily for patient use and block both red and infrared light.   Laser Safety Glasses Infrared block infrared wavelengths while allowing more non-laser light to pass for better vision . Laser Safety Glasses Red block red wavelengths while allowing more non-laser light to pass for better vision . Laser Shields block all […]

    Order Protective Eyewear - Laser Goggles, Glasses & Shields
  • Table Mount for 3B Laser

    3B LASER Table Mount $65 Can be used to quickly set up 3B LASER on a table or cart/ [Item: W14240]

    Order Table or Cart Mount for 3B LASER 3B LASER Table Mount (Item: W14240) @ $65.00
  • Wall Mount

    3B LASER Wall Mount $65 The perfect solution for small rooms [Item: W14239]  

    Order Wall Mount for 3B LASER 3B LASER Wall Mount (Item: W14239) @ $65.00

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