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3 B Sc plexi table and arm irradia-midlaser luminex_product


NEW 3B LASER,  Irradia MID-Laser  and Medical Laser Systems’ Luminex are offered here because they have proven their value in our own clinic.  Healing Light Seminars will only recommend and sell equipment which we have found to be effective, reliable, which delivers genuine value and which we are using ourselves.


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  • 3B LASER Needle System3B LASER 2835x2872

    German engineered 3B LASER is designed for noninvasive, precise biostimulation of up to 12 points with laser therapy’s healing properties to regenerate tissue, promote cellular function and alleviate pain.   Technical Details 3B LASER unit with 12 replaceable optical fibers and radio interface. Controller is wireless and portable.   Powered by five rechargeable NiMH batteries with integrated […]

  • Irradia MID-LaserIrradia 904x4 probe & neck

    We have been using Irradia MID-Laser in the clinic for over ten years, often all day and with every patient.  Results have been outstanding. Quick & easy start up. Microprocessor calculates dose. Audible tone allows easy tracking of dosage given. Display updates the total dose given per diode and treatment time. Operates two probes of […]

  • Laser Needle AcupunctureLaser CV channel Yvonne

    Laser needle systems were first developed at the Universities of Graz (Austria) and Paderborn (Germany) in 2000 and have become a central therapy in many European clinics.  Laser needle treatment employs fine optical fibers to deliver highly concentrated laser light, allowing for the simultaneous stimulation of multiple points painlessly and non-invasively. In addition to laser […]

  • Luminex by Medical Laser SystemsLuminex

    Medical Laser Systems’ Luminex has provided countless, thousands of hours of reliable service in often near continuous use in the clinic. The Luminex design is an outgrowth of the Respond veterinary series and the result of more than 20 years experience in the manufacture of therapeutic lasers. Medical Laser Systems and Luminex have well-earned reputations […]