Laser Phototherapy


Healing Light Seminars is pleased to offer:

  1. Laser Phototherapy – Clinical Practice and Scientific Background by Jan Tuner and Lars Hode.  The newest version of the best selling book in the field of lasers and photobiomodulation.
  2.  Laser Acupuncture – Successful Treatment Concepts by Volkmar Kreisel and Michael Weber
  3.  Laser Therapy: A Clinical Manual by Jennifer Blahnik and David Rindge.
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  • Laser Acupuncture – Successful Therapy Concepts1013451_01_Laser-Acupuncture-Successful-Therapy-Concepts-Volkmar-Kreisel-Michael-Weber[1]

    By Volkmar Kreisel and Michael Weber is the result of years of clinical experience. Broad in scope yet in rich in the necessary detail for the subject, the authors have created a manual that anyone practicing laser needle acupuncture,  laser auriculotherapy and bioresonance therapy and more will appreciate. Readers are introduced to the theory and clinical […]

  • Laser Phototherapy – Clinical Practice and Scientific BackgroundLaser Phototherapy

    New!  Laser Phototherapy – Clinical Practice and Scientific Background by Jan Tunér and Lars Hode is a thorough update of the best-selling book in the field of laser therapy, formerly titled The New Laser Therapy Handbook.   With major revisions and fresh material, the new book is 938 pages with 2500 scientific references. As with the […]

  • LASER THERAPY – A Clinical ManualLaser Therapy - A Clinical Manual

    By Jennifer Blahnik OMD, LAc. & David Rindge, DOM, LAc., RN Again and again, students in seminars have asked where to find guidelines for specific conditions and other clinically relevant information. The authors have experimented with many different approaches in more than 30,000 treatments using therapeutic lasers, and through their experience, have developed the clinically […]