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Curatron Flash butterfly PEMF coilFlash PEMF with coil

The Curatron Flash is a new, extreme, high intensity PEMF device designed for rapid, effective pain therapy.  With the standard 12″ coil applicator the Flash can generate a brief, intense pulse of up to 0.4 Tesla (4,000 Gauss, approximately 8,000 times greater than earth’s electromagnetic field).  With the optional, factory installed Power Booster, field strength increases 30%, reaching With the optional 18 cm coil pad, pulse intensity can reach 0.54 Tesla (5,400 Gauss, a field nearly 11,000 greater than earth’s).  The Flash PEMF pulses are managed electronically through high voltage, solid state, semiconductor technology, improving upon previous designs according to the manufacturer so that the system will come with Curatronic’s standard 3 year warranty and should be essentially service free.

We are thrilled to have just received the new Flash PEMF system for our clinic as of March 11, 2017.  Although this is the first Tesla type device we have actually owned, having one not prone to breaking down has been a long time desire.  We had the opportunity test its well known forerunner, the Papimi, at length many years ago and an earlier version of another Tesla device still being sold today.  Curatronic Ltd believes it has overcome the technical reasons which led to our decisions not to own the Papimi and the other device.  

The Curatron Flash PEMF system has 10 internal computer controlled programs, 4 oscillating PEMF programs (200-900 Gauss) and 6 high intensity, PEMF programs (2000-4000 Gauss).

In addition to the 10 built in programs the Curatron Flash PEMF system can also be fully controlled through the USB connection of a PC or Laptop computer with the optional PEMF Flash software to allow  PEMF report printing, including treatment history data, treatment time and accumulated treatment time.

Flash PEMF with coil



Curatron Flash including 12″ coil applicator + 18″ x 18″ pad for inserting coil –  $6,750.00. 


                                Optional Power Booster               –  $950.00. 

Pad Small for Flash


Optional applicator: 7″ x 7″ pad complete with flash coil system inside  – $475.00


Pad Small for Flash



Optional applicator: 18″ x 23″ mat complete with flash coil system inside  – $675.00




Curatron Software Screen


Optional PEMF Flash Software for Windows and Mac to create and save your own protocols, including USB cables.   $675.00



Courier shipment worldwide.  $175.00 

Curatron Flash PEMF System & Options
Product Options
1Curatron FLASH including 12" Coil & Therapy Pad$6,750.00
2Curatron FLASH including Optional Power Booster & 12" Coil & Therapy Pad$7,700.00
3Optional 7" x 7" Coil Pad $475.00
4Optional 18" x 23" Mat$675.00
5PEMF Flash Software with USB cables - Windows or Mac$675.00
6Courier shipment worldwide$175.00
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