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think-outside-the-boxIs there a group of patients with whom you particularly enjoy working or a worthwhile specialty or service could you provide in your community? Adding lasers, laser needles, led and / or pulsed electromagnetic field therapies can increase the possibilities in your practice – and your bottom line!   Within the links below are ideas, not recommendations.  It is your responsibility to learn and comply with all applicable  laws and professional regulations and to exercise good judgment.

Pain – Arthritis / Tendonitis

Bone Healing / Osteoporosis

Cardiovascular Disease

CNS – MS, PD, Brain Injury

Digestive Disorders

Ear Disorders

Eye Disorders

Female / Gynecology / Fertility

Female / Gynecology / Fertility

Hair Regrowth – Alopecia

Neuropathy – Nerve Pain

Respiratory Disorders

Skin Disorders – Aesthetics – Wounds

Sports Medicine

 Urology / Prostate


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